What is DMCA?


The DMCA was passed in 1998 an anti-piracy statute effectively making it illegal copy protections designed to prevent pirates from duplicating data  copyrighted works and selling or freely distributing them. It also makes it illegal to manufacture or distribute tools or techniques for copy controls.

 DMCA Mainly Works In present time When Somebody Generates  DMCA

For and copyright.

DMCA Send him/her notice for a Copy write content, If your content on Drive Then Google Ban that Content And make that content Unshakeable for others.

DMCA not delete that blog or other file but create a flag on it .then other yours can’t reach that file.

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DMCA are remove your file from the website and suggest that person.if that copyright are falles for you then hire a lawyer and send him a note who generate a copyright issue.

DMCA is good for blog or restrict the file for piracy in digital form.DMCA is also created copyright on own website and create Problem for verification of absence.

Features of the DMCA

Its very helpful to secure your website from the copycats,its provide privacy, hide your content, unable to right click on content etc. Digital Millennium Copyright Act are very helpful to protect your website from the copyright.most of the features are given below.

  1. Its protect your website from the piracy 
  2. Due to DMCA person to copy that content
  3. DMCA secure your website
  4. Its provide free version for testing
  5. DMCA are provided protection when anyone try to inspect your website
  6. DMCA are helpful for secure your blog or digital file
  7. Anyone can generate DMCA on Anyone piracy Files

Advantage of DMCA

DMCA is helpful to secure your content.when anyone try to copy your data first it depends on DMCA plan.then person not able to right click on your website for copy your data.when somebody copies your data then DMCA delete that content or send him a mail that content are copy form that website.so plz delete that content otherwise DMCA delete that content.

If you are right that place then hire your lawyer or file a case for opposite person. 

1.Remove copyright 

2.help to secure your data 

3.anyone copies your content Then you can generate copyright issue

4.DMCA  direct delete that content 

5.helpful for our blog or digital files

6.decrease risk for piracy

Disadvantage of DMCA

Some time DMCA are created own issue on own website.when some other person create first generate copyright issue on your content.its also create error when adsense are check your website.it creates own copyright issue on own issues

  1. Create own copyright issue
  2. Delete  own content directly

3.due to copyright issue its downgrade your website

4.if someone generates copyright first.then google first delete your post

5.create issue while verification of Adsense

Why DMCA is Bad?

DMCA create linking between the files, image, data, or file then DMCA unable to clarify that content or image are different or other,

When we upload a content a video on YouTube, if  we are not mention the song name into the description then copyright issue are generated on that video 

When we marge a song into the video.

Some times DMCA unable to clarify the owner of that documents, then it create issue for opens 

Its creation issue when adsense are verify the website

When you dont follow up the policy of the DMCA it creates issue

Anyone generates the issue for copyright

Frequently asked question  

Q1.sometimes it creates issue on our content how to solve it

Ans. Mail the DMCA team and clarify that content is yours

Q2.DMCA protection are applied after absence verification or before 

Ans.Acc. to my thoughts After verification are best 

Q3. Can we remove DMCA From website 

Ans. Yes you can remove DMCA Form the website’

Q4.Its Free or paid

Ans.its free and also Paid Acc. to me first try Free version

Q5. Which DMCA is Best for Blog

Ans. Green DMCA protection are best.

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