Czech Technical University – Programs and Tuition Fee 2020-2021


One very famous destination that you might be overlooking is the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is home to some of the best and top-ranking universities and research institutes in Central Europe. These universities offer top-quality education at a cheaper price tag. Among the list of universities, one that stands out is the Czech Technical University Prague (CTU).

About Czech Technical University

Czech Technical University Prague is one of the largest universities in the Czech Republic, with around 24,000 students from all across the world. Apart from being one of the largest, it is also one of the oldest technology institutes in Central Europe established in the year 1707.

It is located in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, which is one of the safest cities in the world. According to the Times Higher Education University Ranking, CTU is ranked 3rd in the Czech Republic and 800 globally. Among the world’s technical universities, the CTU ranks at 156th place.

Czech Technical University Programs

Czech Technical University has 8 major faculties offering 419 fields of studies.

Following are the details regarding its faculties and offered programs:

  1. Faculty of Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest faculties of CTU and offers various programs in the field of Civil Engineering that is top in Europe. It provides practical on-site training to students to encourage research and development in the field. Some of the best programs include:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Architecture and Sustainable Development
  3. Building Engineering
  4. Construction Management and Engineering

  1. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

CTUs Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is recognized both locally and worldwide. It offers various programs at undergraduate and graduate levels as follows:

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Production and Economics in Engineering
  3. Automotive Engineering
  4. Intelligent Buildings
  5. Nuclear Power Energy Equipment

CTU offers a special scholarship for graduate students pursuing a Masters in Automotive Engineering. Under the Deutschlandstipendium, the student is awarded €300 per month for one year. Similarly, the university also offers high achievement award valuing at CZK 2000-10,000/ month, depending upon CGPA.

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  1. Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering offers the following programs:

  1. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
  2. Power Engineering
  3. Electronics and Communication
  4. Cybernetics and Robotics
  5. Open Informatics
  6. Aerospace Engineering

  1. Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering offers master’s and doctoral degree in various courses as follows:

  1. Applications of Software Engineering
  2. Applied Mathematical Stochastic Methods
  3. Computational Physics
  4. Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
  5. Nuclear Chemistry
  6. Nuclear Engineering
  7. Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Physics
  8. Laser Technology and Electronics
  9. Radiological Physics

  1. Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture equips students with knowledge regarding contemporary and modern architecture. It offers the following programs:

  1. Architecture and Urbanism
  2. Urban Design and Spatial Planning
  3. Architecture, Building, and Technology
  4. History of Architecture and Monument Conservation

  1. Faculty of Transportation Sciences

The Faculty of Transportation Sciences offers various courses in the fields of transportation, telematics, and telecommunication, emphasizing the modern technology and needs of the industry. The following are its best study programs:

  1. Technology in Transportation and Telecommunication
  2. Intelligent Transport Systems
  3. Air Traffic Control and Management
  4. Logistics
  5. Engineering Informatics of Transportation and Communication

  1. Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering offers interdisciplinary education to its students, providing them a lot of research opportunities. The following are some of its best programs:

  1. Biomedical and Clinical Technology
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Systematic Integration of Processes in Healthcare
  4. Instruments and Methods for Biomedicine

  1. Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of Information Technology is one of its newer faculties offering multiple programs to its students in the field of information technology. It offers the following programs:

  1. Informatics
  2. Computer Sciences
  3. Web and Software Engineering
  4. Computer Security
  5. Web and Software Engineering
  6. Design and Programming of Embedded Systems

Czech Technical University Tuition Fee

Czech Technical University has over 3,500 international students from across 117 countries. The following table shows the tuition fee of each faculty at CTU:

No. Faculties Bachelor’s Master’s
1 Civil Engineering CZK 110,000 132,000
2 Mechanical Engineering CZK 110,000 132,000
3 Electrical Engineering CZK  110,000 132,000
4 Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CZK 110,000 132,000
5 Architecture CZK 110,000 132,000
6 Transportation Sciences CZK 110,000 132,000
7 Biomedical Engineering CZK 110,000 132,000
8 Information Technology CZK 128,000 128,000

*All the tuition fees above are in Czech Crowns (CZK) and is per year (2-semester).

* Exchange rate valid in July 2020

1 EUR = 26.24 CZK

1 USD = 22.34 CZK

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Study in Prague

This is everything you need to know about the Czech Technical University in Prague. The university offers a broad range of programs in various academic fields with a cheaper price tag. Education in Prague is not only of world-class quality but also easy to finance. Now you have a chance to study at one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Central Europe that is less costly and easy on the pocket. Prague has high-quality living standards at affordable costs.

So, don’t miss the deadlines and apply away to study abroad in the Czech Republic.


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