Teal Swan Explains a Few Self-Help Strategies for Managing Depression


Someone suffering from depression and anxiety can feel like they are on a never-ending journey of their lives. But they can tackle this emotion by caring for themselves. The term self-care has been around for many years. Still, it remained elusive to many. Things are changing today because of the rising awareness around mental health and wellbeing. Then, the discussions by spiritual thinkers and healers also help people look into themselves and practice inner engineering for a better outcome. When guiding people, they point out the need to be compassionate with themselves. Since criticism leads to bitterness and low energy, learning self-care techniques can eventually make them overcome negative emotions.

People like Teal Swan and others can be motivators for someone needing help in this domain. A person affected by mental health issues cannot fix things on their initiative. However, guidance and knowledge can show them some light. So here is a brief look into basic self-help techniques for dealing with depression.

How to manage depression? By Teal Swan

Looking inside

For many people, self-care or self-help stands for taking a break for an extended vacation, going to a fancy party, etc. But a person dealing with a mental health issue cannot feel motivated about these things. They need to make a paradigm shift internally or within themselves. They need to look inside them and become aware of their real issues. It can help them start fresh from where they are.

Tuning in to the physical health

Mental health doesn’t only affect one’s mind. It also affects the person’s physical health. Due to depression, a person can always be low-energy or experience frequent headaches. Things become worse when it combines with anxiety. Increased heart rate, profuse sweating, and emotional energy can be the obvious signs of this. When the attention is on improving physical and emotional wellbeing, the person can also take care of their mind. They can prevent situations that lead to anxiety attacks.

Practicing deep breathing

Anxiety can cause rapid breathing, leading to shoulder and jaw pain. In this situation, deep breathing can keep the racing thoughts at bay. It also allows the person to release their emotions. Since deep breathing aids in the blood circulation and production of endorphins, muscles can also feel relaxed. However, one doesn’t need to do this only at the time of depressive episodes or anxiety attacks. It can become a part of the daily routine effortlessly.

Being kind to physical appearance

Depression can make people too critical about their looks. They can look at the mirror and criticize themselves for weight gain. During such times, one has to be more optimistic about their thoughts by turning their attention to even the tiny details of their features. Or, one can think about the act of compassion they displayed. Internalizing this shift is vital to get it into the system.

Spiritual speakers and healers like Teal Swan guide people about self-care, self-compassion, and many more things. Such talks can be critical even for a healthy person to prep up for a day and avoid the usual stress of life.

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