Beginners Guide To Backing Up and Restoring Your Website


Website downtime, server crashes, or a compromised website are the biggest nightmares of business and website owners.

Suppose you wake up one morning to see your website has been down and its files and data have been deleted from your server. In such situations, you require a reliable and latest website backup solution to host your website and make it accessible to your customers again with no downtime or performance issues.

Web hosting services providers offer some advanced and automated backup solutions, such as CodeGuard Website Backup, with their hosting plans. CodeGuard is a popular automated backup service that backs up your website and restores it whenever required in no time.

What is a website backup?

A website backup is the latest version copy of your website stored on a particular server location, which comes in handy during disasters, such as server crashes or cyber-attacks.

Several intentional and accidental incidents can destroy your website files and all your hard work in seconds. In such a scenario, website owners use their website backups to maintain its availability and uptime without affecting its performance.

Why is a website backup important?

Here are some significant reasons why you should back up your website:

  1. Website backup solutions store and backup the latest version of your website with little to huge modifications. Even a small change is reflected in the backup version, making it highly reliable in time of use.
  2. Having a readily available website backup will help you get your website online quickly, avoiding downtimes, disappointed customers, affecting SEO performance, loss of sales, and more.
  3. Backing up your website also helps you proactively scan and detect viruses and malware and offer the best and most reliable website protection.

What is CodeGuard, and how to backup your website using it?

CodeGuard is an automated website backup and change monitoring solution that stores a website’s backup on the cloud, offering robust encryption and easy website restoration.

You can backup your business website in two different ways: local and online backup solutions.

Local backup services allow you to backup your website’s data at your own flexibility and pace. However, this solution is highly inefficient and time-consuming. In contrast, online website backups are much more efficient.

Online backup services, such as Code Guard, alert you if they detect malicious or unauthorized activities on your websites, allowing you to restore your website data anytime. Hence, CodeGuard protects your data from hackers and keeps your website backup accurate and up to date.

What are the advantages of the CodeGuard backup solution?

CodeGuard has the following features and advantages:

  1. It is an automated and reliable cloud backup solution that allows you to backup your website daily, weekly, or monthly, per your website requirements.
  2. It offers easy website restoration whenever required and at any given point in time.
  3. It monitors your website’s databases, files for any changes and sends you an alert or notification regarding the changes or if any action is required.
  4. Its AES 256 bit technique secures and encrypts your website’s data and backup.
  5. It is easy to use and has a hassle-free and easy set-up process.

You can backup your website with CodeGuard and set it up using the following steps:

  1. Connect your website files to CodeGuard.
  2. Choose the website’s files you wish to backup with the root directory.
  3. Configuring the settings regarding backup updates and notifications.
  4. Restore your website whenever required by downloading the .zip file of your backup.

Summing Up

Backing up your website is a necessity today that shouldn’t be ignored and overlooked. A reliable and automated online backup solution, such as CodeGuard, helps you backup your website’s latest version and quickly restore it whenever required with no hassle and downtime risks.

Therefore, buy a suitable CodeGuard Backup plan for your website’s security and protection today.

If you are using a VPS Server for hosting, you can check out the following video for backup tips:

5 Tips To Backing Up Your VPS Server

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