Reddy Kancharla – What Is the Job Role of a Construction Engineering Manager


If you have recently graduated in civil engineering and entered the industry of civil construction projects, you must treat the first few years as a learning experience for you. In your work field, you might be introduced to construction engineering management is one of the five kinds of projects that revolve around civil engineering. This field involves the application of both the scientific and the technical understanding of developments in the field of infrastructure construction.

Reddy Kancharla- an overview of roles and responsibilities

Reddy Kancharla is a widely respected name in the field of civil construction in New York and New Jersey in the USA. He has more than 25 years of valuable experience in the field of geotechnical engineering and consultation, civil construction, construction quality analysis, and control. He has ten years of work experience in senior management posts and is an expert on the diverse complexities that are involved in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, roadway structures, bridges, earth retaining structures, and deep and shallow foundations.

The major goal of engineering refers to the design of the structure, whereas construction engineering management means the management and the supervision of the whole project. The structure should be safe, economically friendly, and durable. The project’s development needs to be done by efficient professionals who define how it should be maintained, operated, and renovated to be associated with the lifespan of the property that is being constructed.

What is the role of the construction engineer manager?

Construction engineering managers need to use computers and special software that focuses on construction management for producing and analyzing project designs. They are accountable for assembling their teams that comprise skilled and qualified civil engineers and workers to ensure the completion of the project within the deadline.

Managers generally need to work from a central office. However, they do need to frequently visit job sites and engage in on-site work that might entail hard labor. The regular tour of the construction sites to inspect the progress of the project to ensure it is being done as per proper standard and code.

Workweek hours of the manager

Generally, the workweek of the manager lasts for 40 hours; however, some projects might entail longer work hours in a bid to meet time-frames and deadlines. While the construction work is in progress, issues might arise, and the manager and workers should resolve them first before moving on to the next step.

Reddy Kancharla adds that the construction engineering manager has other job responsibilities too. The manager often needs to survey the site before the construction project begins. He/she needs to address the problems faced in the environment, check the codes of the location and its laws associated with buildings and construction. Before the work commences, the manager needs to create an extensive report with details of the findings; collaboration needs to be done with other professionals engaged in the project like environmental associations, government agencies, contractors, etc., before it starts. The manager ensures everything is in place before he/she issues a green signal for the work to commence.

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