3 Effective Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos and Drive More Traffic


It’s no arguing the fact that YouTube is stacked with millions of videos from different content creators. This makes YouTube one of the most competitive platforms right now. The worst part is that 300 videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. This means by the time you’ve successfully uploaded a video on YouTube, thousands of other creators would have also published their video. 

So, how can you beat this competition and attract the desired traffic to your content? Well, one of the ways to do this is to focus on improving the overall content quality of your videos. If the content quality is top-notch, you’ll automatically receive more views on the videos and get YouTube subscribers as well. But, since every creator knows this hack, it’s quite obvious that “content quality” alone won’t help you get the desired views. 

To be honest, you’ll need to follow some effective promotional tactics to promote your videos and make them reach a wider audience. Let’s discuss a few of these tactics so that you can also boost the overall traffic on your videos. 

1. Optimize Your Videos With SEO

 Like Google SERP, even YouTube follows a dedicated algorithm to rank videos in YouTube search results. So, if you want to drive organic traffic to your videos, you’ll need SEO to get the job done.  

Fortunately, YouTube SEO isn’t as complicated and time-consuming as traditional SEO practices. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to optimize a video for better search visibility. Here are a few YouTube SEO tricks that’ll help you make your videos rank higher in YouTube search results. 

  • Start by adding target keywords to the video’s title. Make sure to place the keyword at the beginning of the video as this will make it easier for YouTube’s algorithm to rank your videos for potential search queries. 
  • Choose an interactive thumbnail for your videos. This will help you improve the video’s overall CTR (Click-Through-Rate). And, videos with higher CTR always appear at the top of YouTube search results. 
  • Like the video’s title, make sure to optimize the description as well. To do this, you can multiple keywords in the description. This way YouTube will consider your video relevant for different search queries. 

2. Don’t Forget the Power of Social Media

Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have millions of active users who spend several hours scrolling through their feeds. You can utilize this opportunity to get more exposure for your YouTube videos by sharing them on your social media accounts. This is the easiest and most convenient way to get instant YouTube subscribers and boost the overall viewership at the same time. 

If you want to go one step further, you can also utilize Facebook Ads to boost the overall reach for your videos. For people who don’t know, Facebook Ads is a dedicated promotional feature for users where they can promote their posts by running paid Ads. In either case, using social media platforms to promote your videos will make it much easier to get thousands of views on your videos. 

3. Buy YouTube Subscribers

One of the lesser-known tricks to get more viewership on YouTube is to directly buy YouTube subscribers. Even though it may seem a bit hard to digest at first, buying subscribers for your channel has several benefits. For instance, if your channel is relatively new, this will help you get the initial boost to get going. 

Also, buying subscribers will make your videos reach the potential viewers, who’ll continue to follow your content in the coming years. Last, but certainly not the least, buying YouTube subscribers will boost your confidence and you’ll be able to focus on enhancing the content quality for future videos. So, if you’re looking for a simple, yet effective, way to get more views on YouTube, make sure to buy subscribers for your channel.

The Final Words

These are the three most effective promotional strategies to grow your brand on YouTube and get instant YouTube subscribers. If you’ve been struggling to get a decent viewership on YouTube, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tactics and it’ll help you skyrocket your channel’s growth more easily. 

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