Ram Chary Discusses a Few Prominent Photography Techniques


For any person passionate about photography, no matter whether they are a professional photographer or not, mastering a new photography technique would be a truly satisfaction and rewarding experience. Learning new photography techniques can open up a plethora of brand-new possibilities, and offer endless potential for inspiration. It can even help many to get out of their creative rut. Fortunately, in the digital-centric world of today, accessing information about the latest photography trends and techniques has become easier than ever. Multiple photography experts, including Ram Chary, maintain blogs and websites that offer valuable insights into the contemporary photography landscape.

Trends associated with photography keep changing with time, and so do the top techniques associated with this activity. While the results of using certain techniques can be subjective, photographers should try to use each of them to formulate their own methodology and augment the outcomes of their craft. Here are a few popular photography techniques:

High speed photography: This technique helps freeze moments in time that are way too fast for the naked eye to clearly see, which is a major factor that makes high speed photography quite intriguing.  A flash, a narrow aperture, a tripod, and a lot of patience are needed to get high speed photography right.

Night photography: Capturing moments after the sun goes down can be plenty of fun. For high quality night photography one would need a super-slow shutter speed, as well as a tripod or at least any solid surface to keep the camera steady for long exposures. One must not pay for getting to experiment with the rule of the thirds while doing so, as this old composition technique is still valid here.

Motion blur: This is the art of capturing a moving subject. While motion blur is most extensively used in sports photography, one may also use it to create interesting images with light or fast moving objects. For the purpose of competently capturing motion blur, one needs to slow their shutter speed and hold their camera still while the subject is moving. They may even pan with the camera, and move it along to follow the subject prior to releasing the shutter to keep the subject in focus while blurring out the background.

Monochromatic color photography: This technique involves capturing images in a single hue, and is a powerful way of conveying a message without much detail.

One of the best aspects of mastering varying photography techniques is that by doing so they can find new ways to incorporate subsequent into everyday compositions.  By making use of such techniques, one can enhance everyday subjects and make their images truly stand out. More information about photography techniques can easily be found on the web, particularly on the online platforms and blogs created by other reputed photographers like Ram Chary. His blog talks about mastering the art and science of post-processing, lighting, composition, and more, which is crucial for any photographer.

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