Managed Vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Server: The Difference


Dedicated Server Hosting allows you to host your website on an exclusive and Dedicated Server with complete control, scalability, flexibility, and reliability. With this website hosting solution, you get the freedom to manage your server or scale its resources, including CPU, RAM, disk space, and more, as required. 

In addition, you can also configure and customize your Windows or Dedicated Linux Server by installing desired software or applications to enhance your website’s performance. 

However, not everyone is well-equipped or possesses high technical knowledge of server management, maintenance, or configuration. This is why Dedicated Hosting is mainly categorized into Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting. 

What is Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting, and when do you need it? 

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting is the normal Dedicated Hosting solution, where you, as a website owner, are responsible for the management and maintenance of your Dedicated Hosting Server

Right from taking care of the installation and maintenance of software, such as Apache, to maintaining backups, performing regular updates, and more, you are responsible for all these tasks. 

You must opt for Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting if: 

  • You need the freedom and customization abilities to set up and manage your website on your own. 
  • You possess the required skills and expertise in server maintenance and management. 
  • Your business owns an in-house team of professionals who can handle server security

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting, and when do you need it? 

Unlike Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting, in Managed Dedicated Hosting, where your web hosting company will manage several tasks such as backups, server maintenance, security updates, and more on your behalf, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

This hosting service takes the major burden off of your shoulders, offering peace of mind that your website’s server and security is in safe hands. However, you must note that Managed Dedicated Servers are more expensive than Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. 

You must opt for Managed Dedicated Hosting if: 

  • You do not acquire the technical expertise in server management and maintenance and need a reliable solution that can take care of it on your behalf. 
  • You cannot invest your time in regularly checking malware scans, software updates, etc., and wish to utilize that time by focusing on other crucial business functions. 
  • You would rather leave the backend stuff for the professionals while you concentrate entirely on your business.  

Key differences between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting 

Here are the key factors the differentiates Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting in India

Factors  Managed Dedicated Hosting Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting 
Support  Offers full support, allowing you to contact the hosting provider whenever needed.  Offers comparatively low support, as you are responsible for handling most issues. 
Freedom  Low freedom, since your hosting company takes care of the entire infrastructure and has a say in it.  High freedom, as you manage and take care of the maintenance, security, configurations, and more. 
Price  High price, since the hosting company offers additional management and upkeep services.  Low, as the entire management work is on your end. 
Your responsibility  Low, since your hosting company ensures your server functions smoothly and efficiently 24/7.  High responsibility, as you are responsible for keeping your server and website up and running for your business continuity. 


Both the Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting plans have their own pros and cons and unique features and requirements. 

If you wish for a hassle-free and convenient hosting service, go for Managed Hosting solution if your business can afford it. However, if you need a more affordable Dedicated Hosting solution, opt for an Unmanaged Dedicated Server in India from a reliable hosting provider to experience complete control, freedom, and enhanced flexibility. 

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