On which finger should I wear pearl ring and why?


Audrey Hepburn once said that “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”. What else can define elegance better than the queen of gems – pearls itself. Pearls are considered sacred due to their appearance as well as their occurrence as they emerge from the ocean. Pearl ornaments have been worn for ages by royal families. In the 20th century, pearls received recognition as a vital fashion element when fashion icons like Coco Chanel and Clara Bow frequently donned enchanting pearl ornaments.

This rare and attractive gem, also known as Moti in India, is considered to be related to the moon. Astrologically, this relates pearl with the psyche in human beings that controls decision making power. It is also considered that this gem brings fame and fortune to the wearer. Each gem comes with its unique properties. Thus, it needs to be worn on a particular finger only. While not everyone follows it, there are many who prefer wearing the gemstone rings on a particular finger to get benefitted from them.

Why should you wear a pearl ring?

Besides the attractive appearance, every gemstone has its advantages that can work wonders in enhancing the wearer’s personality. Here are a few benefits of wearing a pearl ring.

  • It helps to balance emotions when you are stressed.
  • It can help in fighting insomnia and help you have a sound sleep.
  • It helps you to control your anger.
  • It can help you reduce the ill effects of the moon, if any, and strengthen your thoughts.
  • It helps you to stay positive and elevate confidence.
  • Being considered a sign of prosperity, pearls can bring you good fortune.

Earlier pearl rings were majorly worn on the little finger. With changing times, the patterns of pearl rings have changed as well, which include studs and other precious and semi-precious gems. Here is a guide to know which pearl ring should be worn on which finger to get benefitted from it.

1. Cocktail pearl ring – As you can guess by the name, cocktail rings are the most glamorous and ornate piece of jewellery. Typically, the cocktail pearl ring used to have one large pearl in the center. It is surrounded by other embellishments like diamond studs and other semi-precious gems. You can also find a cocktail ring with a cluster of pearls for a dazzling look. This type of ring is worn in the ring or middle finger as a style element.

2. Solitaire pearl ring – If you are a fan of classic jewellery that has elements of both subtle and timeless style, then a solitaire pearl ring is the solution. This type of ring is typically set in silver, gold, or platinum setting. A solitaire pearl ring might look a bit understated compared to other styles, but it can be made more interesting by adding intricate details on the band. This type of ring is nowadays becoming a popular choice in engagement rings as well. Hence, this ring can be worn on the ring finger. In case of small pearls, you can wear it on the little finger.

3. Multiple stone pearl ring – These rings consist of a cluster filled with pearls and multiple stones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. The mixture of pearl and various gemstones makes this ring look savvy. Therefore, a multiple stone pearl ring is a great hit to wear with work outfits.

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