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Holding a travel card or being a part of a frequent flyer program lets you collect reward points or air miles that can be redeemed for future travel bookings. Read on to know more about air miles and how you can redeem them to book flight tickets.

There are many travel and lifestyle programs out there that let you earn miles when you book flights through them. By holding a membership for such programs, you not only collect rewards points each time you book a flight ticket but also when you dine out, shop, or make other purchases as per the terms and conditions of the program. These reward points are referred to as miles that can be redeemed while buying air tickets, hotel stays, etc. in the future.

How the Air miles Reward Program Works

For accumulating air miles, you may sign up for an air miles reward program offered by specific airlines or opt for a travel and lifestyle program associated with a wide network of airlines. These programs are better as they don’t restrict you to one particular airline.

As per the policies of your reward program, you can accumulate points/miles while booking a flight ticket, dining out, hotel bookings, refuelling, etc. at one of the program’s partners outlets. With sufficient miles in your account, you can redeem them for your future bookings and purchases using your membership number. All you have to do is mention your registered mobile number or your membership number while making purchases, and the miles are automatically logged into your account. While redeeming, you can choose to do it from the program’s website or mention your membership number while paying up at the partner outlet as per the conditions of the program.

Features and Benefits of Air miles Reward Programs

  • The foremost benefit, as mentioned above, is that you can redeem the collected miles against future flight bookings, shopping, dining, refuelling, hotel bookings, etc. as per the policy of your program.
  • You can indulge in multiple activities apart from flight bookings while availing of the reward benefits. While many airlines offer reward programs focused on flight bookings, other programs also allow you to earn and redeem miles while shopping and purchasing with their partner brands.
  • Some reward programs also offer the facility to pool in the reward points by adding your family members or business persons under a single reward program. More members accumulate more points and hence more rewards.
  • You may also transfer or gift miles to your loved ones if the other person is also holding a reward program membership.
  • Signing up for such programs may also come with some extra privileges such as lounge access at airports, faster check-ins, and more.

Pick the Right air miles Program

Before you start earning miles, you will have to sign-up for a reward program. With so many programs out there, this can be an overwhelming decision for some. While the ultimate decision would depend on your personal preferences, look for the following key factors before signing-up.

  1. Airline partners of the programs where you can earn and redeem miles
  2. Other vendor partners of the program
  3. Ease of earning and redeeming miles
  4. Benefits and privileges
  5. Upgraded services as you grow in the program

Multiple Benefits Under a Single Program

Though the air miles reward programs are focused on flight ticket bookings, there are other avenues to earn and utilise your reward points. You must analyse your requirements before choosing a suitable reward program for yourself.

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