Beauty trends to look forward to in 2021


Fresh and dewy skin is topping our list here, guys! Who will put on a heavy coverage foundation after you’ve just started to fall back in love with your skin. Well you have right? I guess most of us have, during this pandemic of no offices or school. Online meetings and classes have made us reach out less for our makeup bags and focus more on the skin that we almost forgot to care for, under the heavy 24 hour long lasting foundation, if you will. So the trend of keeping your clear and fresh skin as it will continue next year too, that is what we predict. And most of these products that are starred in trends for 2021 are exxclusively available at Atomee.

To play along with fresh skin, brightly colored eyelids will be the fashion, you guys! Dab a heavy dose of bright orange on your overall clean face will put you right in the spotlight!

Not sporty enough to go all wild with the eye shadow? The trends list includes a hot eyeliner option too! A neon eyeliner of maybe blue or hot pink will do the same magic! Just make sure you cover, if any, eye bags or uneven tones of your face with a light weight but heavy in duty kind of foundation! We don’t want the attention getting diverted to the black under our eyes, do we?

embellishments, who does not like them? For they are the most easy way to go all out with that eye makeup of yours in the coming year. After this pandemic, we suggest not to keep your fantasies for parties that keep you waiting. Instead go all out and celebrate this thing called life!  Just glue the embellishments on and you are good to go. and all that you would need for amazing looks everyday are exclusively available in bundle forms at Atomee.

And following suite to the brighter eye shadows, metallic eye shadows are not far behind. Just a swipe will get your face all the oomph it needs. Just make sure not to go overboard and cover your entire eyelid! Just a swipe right on your crease will work.

Speaking of which, the pandemic may still have its after effects in the coming year too! So for those last minute meetings and calls, nobody has the time to dig out their beauty boxes or bags for that matter to get a bright heavy dose of makeup on right. So in the coming year, we have multi-purpose makeup, expected to take over the year by storm! Like lip tints which also work as cheek tints. Or if you’re anything like me. You will slather it on to your eyes to pop them up too. Just one product guys, and you’re all set!

Speaking of that an all in one primer-foundation-base will be quite popular too. Giving you just the lighter amount of coverage to get you through the day!

Well, 2021 is just around the corner. And we have spilled all the beans on the beauty trends to look forward too, so what are you waiting for! Let’s welcome 2021 with that bright eye shadow covered eyes that are filled with hope of a better tomorrow! always remember, a little makeup and a little hope goes a long way! and that is all the inspiration we need to welcome the new year!

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