3 Best British Shows on Netflix


The pandemic has left us with a lot of time, and this is why we are compiling lists of your favourite television shows and movies. One industry that has made a huge mark when it comes to the media is British television. Their shows are often limited, but they always get a lot of attention from the masses.

Whether it’s a long drama like Downtown Abbey or the thriller that keeps us waiting for four years Sherlock, British industry is famous for making masterpieces. So let’s look at some of the television shows that any professional coursework writers UK would recommend you take the best coursework writing help UK and that can make your quarantine better.

The Crown

One thing that remains a mystery for a lot of people is how the British royal family operates. The Windsor family is responsible for ruling the whole world for a long time and even today they hold an essential position in the government.

The show begins from when Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George, is suffering from an illness and then she ascends the throne after his death. Throughout, you will see how she copes with the challenges thrown at her for being such a young monarch while also dealing with her personal life.

The suspense and the drama will leave you wanting more, and the details are so accurate the royal family must be wondering about the sources themselves. With the three dimensional stories along with her transition into the ruler she is today, the Crown is a perfect show for you to binge-watch. The fantastic part is that the cast keeps changing as the characters keep getting older. Right now, the story of Princess Diana is being explored so tune in now.

Black Mirror

Any television show enthusiast will recommend this British series because it’s quite relevant to the current time. This show talks about what will happen in the future if we continue to use advanced technology.

From Artificial intelligence taking over to another apocalypse, you will find a lot of disturbing content here, but we promise that you will love it. Even if you are not a fan of one of the topics explored in the episodes, the chances are that you will enjoy the next one. So do not give up on the show and watch the amazing combination of science fiction, thrillers and horror, relevant to the episodes.

It does get slightly farfetched sometimes but the first two seasons are so good that you would not be able to keep your eyes away from the screen.

Peaky Blinders

One series that has gotten a lot of fame and has become a part of the pop culture in Peaky Blinders. You will see a lot of posters of a guy in formals smoking a cigarette and we already know that the show is about a gang operating in England.

Well, the content is amazing because it is set in the period after World War I and you will find Nolan Favorite, Cillian Murphy in it. We would call it a gangster show or a crime drama but that would be wrong because the story is so complex and perfectly told that you could not classify it under one particular genre.

Murphy has put in his heart and soul to come up with such a gripping show that by the end, you will want to go back to the period and be part of such an amazing gang.

So watch all these British dreams and engross yourself into the new world. We promise that all the series mentioned above on Netflix will become your favourites and you will thank us later.

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