What Does It Take To Store A Car?


There are a lot of people who need proper space to park their car effectively & securely. If you are one of those people who are needed additional spaces to keep their additional belongings safe. If you are moving from one place to another then storage units play an important role in keeping your valuable safe, secured and durable. Even hiring good and durable containers help you out to keep your cars safe and secured.

There are the ten helpful techniques & steps that can make your cars safe and keep them in a top condition even in the storage unit:

What does it take to keep cars stored safely?

1. Change the oil & filter: 

If you plan to keep your car in storage for a certain amount of time then it is necessary to change the oil & filters on time. There would be the best advice that you should use premium fuel. If you are using regular oil or fuel which carries ethanol, it can release water into the tank of the car. This situation can make the things rust & corrode away over the time due to condensation. Premium oil does not contain ethanol that will keep your car safe in the storage units.

2. Check coolant Capacity and inflate levels

It is very necessary to make sure that fluids of the car are properly filled to the level that should be at, please make sure that you never leave any tires low on air pressure. When storing a car, cold air can keep the tire pressure down, so its is necessary to over inflate your tires a bit so there won’t be any flat spots.

3. Proper Cleanliness

Always focus on your car cleanliness perfectly, make sure that your car should be taken through a wash. Don’t leave anything inside the car, remove all carpets because they can become musty inside and nobody wants to come back to a smelly infested vehicle. So, it is essential that your car should be cleaned from inside.

4. Roll Down Windows Slightly 

This is recommended to you that if you are storing the car inside the storage units, don’t roll them down too much, in fact try to leave them slightly open. It helps you to spread air flow inside the vehicle so bad smells don’t accumulate.  You should stuff a rag inside the pipe so that little critters do not nest inside.

5. Usage of Battery maintainer 

A battery maintainer is just a battery charger that will turn itself on periodically throughout the time you plan to store your car. This way the battery doesn’t die while it’s in perfect storage.

6. Removal of wiper blades

Removing the wiper blades is very important, as it is helpful to prevent the blade from sticking to the windshield. You can also put the plastic wraps between wipers and windshields to keep the blades safe. For a better outcome, you can move forward & keep it away from the windshield effectively.

7. Release the Handbrake

This is necessary for you to release the handbrake to make sure the car doesn’t roll away. You can also use chocks to put underneath the tires, or block behind the tires to avoid rolling accidents. This is generally used by people to use the handbrakes.

What is the ideal size of Storage units for  Car Parking?

When it comes to car storage, what size of storage units fits a car best? For one thing, you have to know the car size, maintenance of cars, and more. Make sure you dont place it in the storage units too big for it. Otherwise you have to pay more than what you need. Aforementioned points will help you to understand what it all costs for car storage.

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