Things you should know before preparing for SSC CGL


SSC CGL is the national level exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission. Lakhs of students start preparing for it during or after graduation as it rewards the student with good ranking government job on qualifying. Before you decide to start preparing, it is vital to know the overview of the exam.  As it is said, if you have to cut down a tree, use 80% of your time in sharpening your axe. All the exams have different patterns and demands from students. So, it becomes very important to analyze the syllabus minutely. So, make yourself well aware before deciding to prepare for SSC CGL.

1. Exam Pattern

The SSC conductes SSC-CGL examination in four tiers or levels. This is one of the most desirable jobs in the country. Therefore, there are lakhs of students preparing and appearing for the same. To shine out amid this tough competition, you need to gear up and get ready for the preparation.

According to the Staff Selection Commission CGL process of selection, there are following four tiers:-

  1. Tier I: Computer-based written exam (MCQ)
  2. Tier II: Computer-based Written exam (MCQ)
  3. Tier III: Written examination (Essay writing/ Descriptive test)
  4. Tier IV: Computer Proficiency Test/ Data Entry test (if applicable) and document verification.

The final result is the aggregate marks of the first three-tier exams. The Tier IV exam is qualifying in nature.

2. SSC Syllabus

The first thing to know before starting to prepare any exam is to be thorough with the syllabus. Avoid the overlook of syllabus or depending on others for the syllabus. You should get it printed and go line by line. Carefully look at the sections of different tiers and read the subsections as well. It is said that you should learn the syllabus first. Stick the sheet right in front of you and learn the areas of study in different studies. This will help you realize your strength and weakness.

3. Timetable

Now that you have gone through the detailed syllabus of the SSC CGL exam, make a rough plan of which sections you need to work more. A timetable is the most basic plan for your success. Keep the targets on three levels. Monthly target, weekly target, and daily target. Make sure the target you assigned for yourself is realistic and achievable. And if you are not able to achieve the target 100% don’t get disheartened, for beginning, even 75% is also good. But keep track of your time and put your effort daily.

4. Notes

When it comes to notes, people generally depend on the notes of toppers of handwritten notes available in the market. If you think carefully, the same resources are available to the masses, so what help would it make to you. Don’t enter a book shop and pick whatever looks appealing. Instead, self-study and self-made notes are always more fruit-bearing. Make very crisp and short notes that you could revise at the last moment before the exam. Keep revising your notes now and then.

5. Previous year Question paper

The best way to know the standard of the exam and to measure your preparation is to get the set of previous years’ question papers. This is essential in the case of English and General Knowledge. Go through each question, try to answer it on your own, and then check for the answer.

6. Online guide

The ultimate guide for suck competitive exams is someone who has been in this field for a long time. You can go to various online platforms where reliable experts and academicians are available with the course. You can find all the material and guidance to crack the SCC exam, including the study material, methods to be quick, shortcuts for numerical, and much more. If you are in the hunt for any such reliable platform, consider visiting the website of the Testbook. You can also use Testbookk Pass Coupons to get yourself enrolled with a heavy discount.

7. Online practice paper

To get the best yield of your hard work, it is important to test yourself again and again because only practice makes a man perfect. You need to get enrolled in any practice or mock test platform. This will make you aware of the weakness and show your strength. Practice and keep a record of your performance. Join a forum that conducts regular, national-level tests, and it is open to discussion after the test.


People say SSC CGL is very difficult to crack, but eventually, a person like you will only enter the job. Therefore to have the upper hand over your competitors, learn, revise, and practice to get into your dream job. Hard work has no shortcut. Even if you enrol into any course or follow a mentor, do not rely on the readymade notes. It is vital for you to sit down and engage yourself in self-study and multiple revisions. Because more you work hard, luckier you will become.All the best for your future.

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