The Big Dry: Desert Travel in Australia


The Australian desert travel is one experience that needs no introduction to many travel enthusiasts. For ages now, it’s considered one of the strangest yet most iconic places you can ever travel to for an ideal desert travel experience. This is partly because the country is located in the middle of nowhere. Its deserts are also removed from the more settled edges of the continent. Ideally, Australian desert travel is not for the faint-hearted.However, it can also turn out to be a more fulfilling journey you’ve ever had. Let’s sample some of the top desert destinations you need to add to your bucket list.

The Darling River Run

The Darling River Run is arguably one of the most challenging terrains you’ll encounter while on your Australian desert travel. It’s considered one of Australia’s popular tourist routes featuring some of the outback best sights and attractions. Even more,the Darling River Run is one of the few 4WD tours where you might see water in your entire outback expedition.

While it’s best enjoyed in a 4WD experience, you can also use your conformist passenger vehicle. However, its 2740km distance means you won’t find it easy navigating this long stretch. You may also need some helping hand and good preparation to conquer this iconic trip running from Walgett to Wentworth.

The Simpson Desert Experience

The Simpson Desert will grant you a more surreal outback experience than no other desert in Australia. Starting from South Australia, the Simpson Desert is one of the most popular deserts for travelers looking to escape some form of civilization.This Desert also hosts the famous Madigan Line, the QAA Line, and the Hay River Track.

Italso features the longest parallel dunes in the world. The Big Red dune located in Birdsville is one of the most extensive dunes in the Simpson Desert. You can also have a glimpse of some of these dunes in Queensland. The Simpson Desert begins in Northern South Australia, near Lake Eyre, spanning 170,000 square kilometers into South Australia and Queensland.

The Flinders Ranges

The typical gesture in every Australian desert experience is the heat of the sand, the warmth of the welcome. That’s also precisely what you get when you tour the ancient Flinders ranges. Located in the outskirts of Adelaide, Flinders Ranges has an array of incredible rock formations, charming country pubs, and rich Aboriginal history that will fascinate you.

The ranges have a unique terrain that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. These ranges also surround Wilpena Pound, one of the most attractive features you’ll ever see in the Australian outback. Lake Eyre is also within the vicinity to grant you even more captivating moments on your outback travel.

Final Word

Desert travel is one of the few experiences you should never miss while in Australia. The adventure gives you a rare opportunity to experience the diversity of the country’s laid-back nature and the richness of its indigenous history. Just ensure you’re well prepared for all the unpredictable terrain awaiting ahead!

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