How To Use OgyMogy To Cope-Up With Online Education System


I hope you all are staying home and safe in the middle of this global pandemic. The whole world is facing the threats of barbaric coronavirus and we have lost many lives all around the globe. Many countries are in the middle of enforced lockdown and many others are in the process of easing it down. This pandemic has practically stopped the life all around the world.People are now starting to cope up with the lifestyle of having a mask and sanitizer as essentials just like smartphones and keys while going out.Offices are mostly following work from home strategy, gyms are maintaining social distance in yoga classes. In short, everyone is trying their best to cope-up withthis change. One of the systems that has been crucially affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic is the education system. Schools and colleges and higher educational institutes have been closed. The majority of institutions have started practicing online classes.

Now all you need to do is get separate gadgets for each kid and then keep an eye on them that they are regularly taking all the classes and manging the course work. You need to make sure that they are not wasting their time on Netflix or playing games all day long in their room when they should be busy with their assigned work. Instead of yelling and shouting and being anxious all by yourselves, you can solve this problem once and for all. We offer you a permanent solution that will allow you to monitor all your teen activities whether on the cell phone or personal tablet or laptop. You can keep an eye on your teen 24/7 by using a monitoring app. Not any spy app but one of the best one The OgyMogy.

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 If the device is their laptop you can try windows or mac spy software offered by OgyMogy for mac or windows user. You can also track them through their cell phones, by using the Andriod phone spy version. Just select the desired package and install the app in your kid’s smartphones and personal computers. And now you can monitor all their activities without letting them know.

Monitor Their Schedule:

The first and foremost thing is that you should know their class schedule and details.OgyMogy offers you keylogging feature which can allow to have access to all the id and passwords of the target device,Keystrokes applied on the device will be saved by OgyMogy. So you will have remote access to any communication happening through emails,etc. OgyMogy gives you remote access to inbox and attachments.

Know All About The Installed Apps:

OgyMogy gives the user the complete list of all the apps installed in the device of the target person.Thus you will know bout all the newly installed apps.You can differentiate between educations related apps and other useless apps.Thus this feature of OgyMogy will allow you to manage the apps of your teen’s smartphone.

Track Their Phone Record:

Now with the OgyMogy call recording feature, you can get all the records of incoming andoutgoing. You can even listen to call recordings if you are suspicious about any specific number.You can know about the plans and discussion of your teen.OgyMogy also allows you to notice any new entry intothe call logbook.IT can also recover the deleted text message from the target device,in case your teen try to hide something from you.

Watch The Screens:

With the OgyMogy screen recording feature, you can monitor your teen screen at any given time.You can make a surprise visit in real-time to check whether they are taking their classes or not.You can also check the screen in the form of short recorded videos or screenshots of thescreen captured by OgyMogy. OgyMogy can help you to know the schedule of your kids with time stamp and record their each activity.

Keep An Eye on the Web activities:

OgyMogy allows the user to monitor internet activities of your teen.You can check the websites visited by them along with the bookmarked sites.You can see the whole activities with time stamp thus can compare their class schedule with internet browsing history.

So In short, OgyMogy can help you maintain a good learning environment for your child in this pandemic.

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