How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos


Starting a YouTube channel is the easiest part. I mean as long as you’ve got a Google account, you can easily start a YouTube channel and publish your videos. But, if you want to grow your channel, you’ll have to remember a few tricks. Getting YouTube views is not a piece of cake, especially if you have just started your YouTube channel. 

During the first few months, you won’t have loyal subscribers who’ll come back to watch all your videos. This means you’ll have to put in the efforts to get YouTube subscribers and increase your views. So, to help you with your journey, we’re going to share different ways to promote your videos and increase the overall views. 

Start With Social Media Promotions

One of the most convenient ways to get more exposure for your videos is to promote them on your social media accounts. An average user spends around 4-6 hours on Instagram and Facebook. You can utilize this opportunity by promoting your videos on all your social media accounts and attract more views. 

In case you don’t have enough social media followers, you can also join different groups on Facebook. The majority of Facebook groups accept promotional posts for free. This means you’ll be able to promote all your videos without any efforts. But, make sure to join groups that belong to your niche. For instance, if you are a travel vlogger, you can join various “outdoor adventure” groups. This will help you attract your potential audience and get instant YouTube subscribers at the same time. 

Focus on Creating Titles That Include Keywords

Like Google search results, if you want to make your videos appear at the top of YouTube searches, you’ll have to include target keywords to the title. Including keywords in the title and description will optimize your videos for YouTube’s algorithm and they’ll start climbing to the top of YouTube search results. 

The key idea is to use long-tail keywords that can help your videos appear in the search results for more and more keywords. This is one of the strategies that’ll make it way easier to grow your channel on YouTube and get more views easily. 

Buy YouTube Subscribers

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest challenge for a new YouTuber is to get the desired exposure to his/her channel. To tackle this situation, you can buy YouTube subscribers. This will help you make your channel reach potential viewers and skyrocket the number of views you receive on your videos. 

When you buy subscribers, your videos will be promoted in such a way that they reach your target viewers. In a nutshell, buying subscribers during the initial days will give you the desired push that’s required to grow a new channel on YouTube. 

Learn from Other YouTubers

One of the biggest advantages of starting a YouTube career is that you have thousands of people to get inspired from. Whether you want to become a daily vlogger or start a music-related channel, you can always learn from different people. 

In saying that, however, you should only look up to other creators to get inspired. Always make sure to have your own style as this will help you stand out in the crowd and earn long-term viewers.   

Host Live Streams

YouTube Live can help you a lot in boosting your channel’s user interaction. Even top YouTubers like PewDiePie and Ninja host regular live streams on their channel where they interact with their subscribers. In return, this helps their channel get YouTube subscribers and increase the overall views. 

Even if you have very few subscribers on your channel, there’s no harm in hosting live streams. In fact, it’ll only help you build strong relations with the viewers and encourage them to come back for more content. 


That wraps up our quick guide on how to increase YouTube views and get instant YouTube subscribers. If you’re also a new YouTuber and struggling to get the view on your videos, the above-mentioned tricks will help you get the job done. And, in case you want to increase your subscriber count, you can always buy YouTube subscribers to get the required initial push. 

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