How to Ask for Money instead of Gifts for a Wedding


Wedding gifting is one of the most important contributions from a guest at a wedding. People have started looking for wedding gift registries online to make sure they find the best wedding gifts to enhance their love and care for the wedding couple. Some couples also make sure they are specific to their wedding gifts. Of late, gifting at weddings have become more creative. We see videos of 21st-century weddings having barcode scan boards for giving cash gifts for the wedding. This method of gifting cash through the UPI can be done at the time of the wedding or the wedding reception. But it’s better to gift before the wedding date, as the Cash Gift gifted will be of good use for the couples to conduct the wedding. Therefore, the option to the medium of utilizing Cash Gift Registries online is one of the easiest ways to gift for a wedding. This benefits both the wedding couple and the guest as it reduces the time and the effort to gift for the wedding. The wedding couple needs to acknowledge who has given what amount for the wedding, and from whom was the money gifted. In the online cash registry, we get an authentic record of these details. Since the cash gift registry is done through online mode. It sets a record of information on who contributed what – as a gift for the couples. Compared to offline cash gifting, online cash gifts through registries in a safer and convenient option

Now, the problem is – some couples find it shy to ask their guests for cash gifts before the wedding. This is understandable because it is not conventional in India. But we need to also make our guests understand that the cash registry is one of the practical and convenient options for gifting in the modern world. A wedding website can be created to make sure that the wedding goes smooth enough to make sure that Making use of the internet to buy things will stay as an inevitable process in the life hereafter, so why not just switch to a Cash registry online to gift for weddings?

Guests can also contribute after the wedding date on the Cash Registry. It is left to our convenience to extend the date or not. The money collected might be of good help for couples in the future. Couples can even contribute to any charity of their choice through a Charity gift registry. Couples find it more meaningful to contribute money to any NGO or charity of their choice.  Therefore let us acknowledge how Cash gift registries are benefiting the wedding couple as well as the guest, giving only benefits as we switch to this mode of gifting.

Wedding Wishlist is one of the top wedding gift registry brands in the country that cater to such meaningful and smart services. Let us break the shyness and contribute to the waste-free gifting method at our convenience.

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