How Does CBD Regulation Deals With The Opioid Crisis


Opioid addiction has become a major problem in the US. The use of opioid and the addiction that is caused due to it has become uncontrollable. Some people have the opinion that widening the use of CBD and its regulation can help bring down this crisis to a considerable extent.

Though CBD has contributed a lot to help end the crisis, its complete elimination is still a major issue. Let us learn more about how CBD regulation can help in dealing with the opioid crisis.

About Opioids

Opioids are a category of drugs that are present in the opium poppy plant. Due to this reason, the substance has got the name “opioids”. This drug directly impacts the brain and reduces the painful sensation experienced in the body.

Some opioids can be obtained on showing a valid prescription medication while other types of opioids are categorized as prohibited drugs. The most notorious of such illegitimate opioids is “heroin”.

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What are the common prescription-based opioid drugs?

  • OxyContin
  • Percodan
  • Oxycet
  • Vicodin
  • Norco
  • Percocet
  • Fentanyl
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Tramadol

How Does Opioids Work In The Body?

Opioids are strong drugs that powerfully impact the body. These drugs block the transmission of pain signals between the body and the brain. In this way, the person who uses this drug feels instant relief from moderate to severe pain. Such drugs relax a person and induce a happy feeling in them.

It is important to note that opioids can be extremely addictive. Due to this reason, its use must be properly administered. Substance abuse can lead to addiction in people and can make it hard to get rid of it.

What Are The Risks Associated With Opioid Consumption?

Opioids may hinder the breathing ability of a person. It can take the form of a big problem especially when a person consumes it in a higher dosage or misuse it. In extreme cases, the excess availability of this drug in the body can also result in slow down or stopped breathing.

Thus, overuse of opioids can also take the life of the person. Looking at the life-threatening side effects of the drug, the government is taking strict measures to curb the instances of over consumption of opioids.

The Significance of CBD in Controlling Opioids Use

Unlike opioids, CBD is a natural therapeutic compound that provides relief from pain, stress, depression, etc. safely and healthily. When consumed in the right amounts, it doesn’t cause any side effects.

CBD is clinically proven to improve the overall health and wellness of a person. Thus, it is a great substitute for opioid drugs. The use of CBD in place of opioids will help bring down the opioid crisis significantly.


By making CBD widely available and easily accessible can reduce the dependability on opioids considerably. It is believed that by regulating the CBD supply, the government can effectively reduce the extent of the opioid crisis.

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