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Small businesses can choose to join as VAT payers. It is important to note that the company itself must be able to assess whether the turnover exceeds the set limit or not. Certain sectors, such as financial services, insurance services, universal postal services and healthcare, are also exempt from VAT.

A foreign company that has not applied for a taxpayer on its own initiative and that does not have a permanent establishment in USA is also not subject to VAT. In this case, the tax generated on the goods sold by the company in USA is paid by the buyer of the product or service.

How is VAT paid?

You register for VAT with the company formation declaration. After the incorporation notice, the company receives a VAT payment instruction from the tax administration and a reference to the company’s tax account. For each target period, the company fills in a seasonal tax return to the tax administration and accounts for VAT in accordance with the instructions given by its own tax account reference. VAT is a spontaneous tax, which means that a company must take care of filing, calculating and paying the seasonal tax on its own initiative. The easiest way to file a seasonal tax return is electronically. Also you need to be aware of the use of the s corp tax calculator there.

Normally, the reference period is a month, which means that the seasonal tax return and thus the VAT settlement are made once a month. However, some smaller companies are eligible for an extended payment and notification period. The very smallest companies with a turnover of less than 10,000 dollars per calendar year are therefore completely exempt from VAT. Companies with a turnover of up to 25,000 dollars file a seasonal tax return and a VAT payment per calendar year. Companies with a turnover of 25,000-50,000 dollars per calendar year make a notification and payment every three months. Primary producers and visual artists are also entitled to a longer notice and payment period, regardless of turnover.

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VAT already paid on purchases can therefore be deducted from VAT on the sale of an asset. As a result, situations may arise where a company pays more VAT on its purchases than it receives on sales of the product. In this case, the negative difference can be carried forward as a deduction to the next settlement.

Where can I find more information about VAT?

The easiest way to find out more about VAT and how to pay it is on the tax administration’s website. It is good to note that while understanding the basic idea of ​​VAT is already a long way off, it is important to keep up with changes in, for example, VAT rates and within the limits of extended payment and declaration periods.

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