AccessiBe Makes Way for Easy and Affordable Internet Services at Large for People With Disabilities


It is a matter of fact that times have been changing drastically ever since humans have evolved. As a result, the world has seen immense development and technological advancements time and again. There is a range of gadgets and appliances that have been brought in over years. The motive behind such innovations is to ease up carrying out human activities at large. These machines and gadgets help people in every way possible. However, a revolution was brought in when computers were introduced. Today, almost every aspect of human life has been attached on to computers and their services. AccessiBe is a company that caters to the internet requirements of clients at large. Their primary motive is to deal with grave issues regarding internet, one of which is the lack of accessibility of websites whatsoever.

Michael Hingson, who happens to hold the chair of the Chief Vision Officer in the company, clearly points out that there is a basic lack in the internet services in terms of accessibility. To elaborate this, it has to be mentioned that in comparison to the number of websites that are brought in every minute, a small number of the same gets to be accessed by the users whatsoever. In fact, majority of the sites go hidden and the user do not get to open them. This is an issue which has highly bothered this man. Moreover, it is a fact that almost twenty percent of the users that get into internet are physically challenged. As a result, it gets very difficult for them to access internet anyhow. It is here that AccessiBe intrudes into the matter. It gives in for major goals to be taken up by the company and its programmers.

To ensure best results of their efforts, Michael Hingson takes into consideration a system which is technically equipped. These systems are designed so as to cater to the specific needs of persons who are not as physically fit as the major section around. These systems are infested with multi-sensory parts. Alongside, they are even capable of initiating multi-interactive approaches that enable the users to get into the digital content in terms of both vision and sounds.

The following enumerate the much-acclaimed provisions of AccessiBe:

  • Keyboard-regulated control in the system
  • Navigation based on voices and not visions
  • More accessibility of websites
  • Ease and convenience in using the websites for all and sundry
  • Skilled professionals and ongoing training sessions

It is a fact that Michael Hingson himself is blinded in his eyes and thus he exactly knows what it takes a blind person to access internet. He knows the stress that one goes through, which is why his efforts to make situations for the disabled better anyhow. He and his team in AccessiBe are continuously at work with the motive to make internet easily accessible to the physically disabled section. He makes use of the advanced tools and technologies that help people get served conveniently. This is how this company cuts down the struggle of these people who are struggling in almost every other way.

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