6 Tips Choosing The Right Door Entry Mats for Your Hotel Lobby


We all know that first impression is always the best impression. If you are running hotels then make sure you have good mats for your lobby. In fact, it is always the entrance mats, which grab the attention of your guests when they visit your hotel. With increased options, it can be difficult for anyone to find the best door mats. We have a lot of options when it comes to mats. Some of them are dryer mats, scraper mats, nylon mats etc.

If you are looking for the best mat brands in market then here is a suggestion for you. One of the best brands available in the market for buying mats is Ultimate Mats. This brand offers top quality mats at very reasonable prices. They offer custom waterhog mats, entry mats etc which are made up of finest materials. All you have to do is contact their team online and they will suggest the best options available for you. Here are few tips for you to find the best door entry mats for your hotel lobby.

Cleanliness: Be it a restaurant or hotel cleanliness is very important. Hence, we have to choose the mats, which are specially made to keep the hotel lobby or any workplace clean. These mats should prevent the spread of dirt, germs etc.

Anti-slip properties: Usage of water is very common in hotels and restaurants. Usage of other liquids is also very common in restaurants and hotels. Hence, there are chances for spillage. The slippery floors or wet mats can put the visitor’s life in danger. This is the reason why we have to always choose the mats with anti-slip properties.

Logo: Choose custom logo mats to get your brand logo printed on them. Choose the perfect color combination to enhance the appearance of your hotel lobby. You can also mention your message, which you wanted to convey to all your visitors on the mats. You can take the help of a designer to design your brand logo in a great way. You can also take the help of sites online to design your brand logo on your own.

Anti-fatigue Properties: Anti-fatigue mats are actually deigned to reduce the pain caused by standing for long hours. They can improve the blood circulation in our foot in a great way. They are generally made up of different materials like wood, rubber etc.

Quality: Quality plays a very important role when buying mats. Buying cheap quality would be waste of your money as they do not last for a long time. These cheap quality mats also don’t look very great. Hence, if you want to save your money in a long run then choose the top-quality door entry mats.

Cost: Last but not the least compare the cost of different mat brands available in your location and choose the best. Here you have to avoid choosing mats by simply looking at their price. You should compare both cost and quality and then make a decision.

 Buy the best mats for your hotel lobby following the above tips now!

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