5 Home Office Upgrades that Will Turn Your Spirit from “Home Mode” to “Work Mode”


Because it looks like working from home will be around for a while, we decided to help you revamp your office space for long-term health, pleasure and productivity until coronavirus recedes!

For the past few months, you’ve been working your arse off at your kitchen table only to realise that this godforsaken office makeshift won’t work well for the next couple of months. So, scrap the kitchen table or the cushy couch because it’s time to have a dedicated space where you can focus on your work and deliver more efficient tasks without getting distracted by a random telephone ringing or a puppy being too cute to shrug off.

Once you have decided to get an ultimate home office upgrade, your next goal is to find cool ideas on how to set it up for maximum efficiency. Aside from the usual PC setup, it is also important to consider some ergonomic office accessories that will give you a much-needed comfort during your working hours. You may not feel it right now but a bad working position can cause you repetitive wrist strains and other related injuries in the long run.

To help you come up with an ergonomic yet aesthetically-approved home office idea, we have collated a list of workstation essential upgrades that will make your work and life easier and healthier.

Cushy Desk Chair

It is easy to lose that work-mode spirit once you start to feel a familiar pain in the back that kind of distracts your focus and affects your wellbeing. Sitting for hours can really stress out not just the back but also the arms, legs and neck, which is why investing in an ergonomic chair can do wonders to your torso as you spend your days working from home. You can easily spot some great deals and various designs of functional desk chairs at any local depots around you. Make sure to choose something that suits your style and satisfaction for long-term use.

Armrest Extender

While no Science proves that computer work can increase the risk of developing CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), it can still cause major hand and wrist pain that weakens the ability to grip. Good thing, there are armrest extenders available in the market that gives desktop users comfortable working experience.

Desk Stand Converters

If you are going to spend prolonged periods of time sitting at your makeshift desks, a standing converter that gives you the option to adjust the height of your desk according to your sitting and standing preferences is worthy of consideration. Taking a break from all-day sitting can reduce the risk of strains in the back and shoulders. Encourage yourself to take at least half an hour of deep working followed by taking a short break to avoid getting overwhelmed by a high volume of work.

Soft Light Desk Lamp

While blinds can be a functional accessory for light control during a daytime job, a desk lamp will definitely make your work a lot easier on a night-shift. To achieve that mellower office space, have your lamp upgraded into something that glows softly, giving your room a warm, cosy feeling. Soft lighting is very important to keep your eyes off the strain especially when you work in a dim-lit environment.

Workspace Plants

From tech stuff to an all-natural health booster that will set your mood to getting the job done, a workspace plant is more than just a lovely decoration on your desk. Studies show that plants can liven up a room as it filters up the air and add vibrance to dull indoor spaces. Boost your work mood with a pot or two of your favourite indoor plants and make sure to keep them alive.

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